Our ecosystem of products, that has been meticulously developed in South Africa to meet the stringent demands of a harsh and challenging environment, provides clear advantages to users across the globe.

Agricultural Automation Controllers

We’re cultivating a smarter, more efficient future for farmers. Our ZoneLogiq Automation Controllers serve as the heartbeat of modern farming, seamlessly integrating with your agricultural infrastructure. These controllers provide precise climate control, ensuring optimal growing conditions for your crops.


Agricultural Sensors

Knowledge grows in the soil. Our WeatherLogiq agricultural sensors serve as the roots of precision, connecting farmers to vital information. At AgriLogiq, we empower farmers with data-driven insights, ensuring smarter, more efficient agricultural practices.

Online Data Analytics Portal

To remain competitive in an agile market, farmer need to harness the power of intelligent data to maximise their efforts. AgriLogiq offers a comprehensive online data platform designed to empower farmers and agricultural professionals.


Irrigation Automation Components

AgriLogiq offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge irrigation solutions. From solenoid and radio valves that ensure precise water flow control to pumps and VFD panels for efficient water distribution, our products are designed to optimise agricultural processes.

Greenhouse Mechanical Drive Components

Our motor trolleys or crawlers are the workhorses of precision movement, ensuring seamless mobility for heavy loads. Vent rack and pinion systems allow precise control of greenhouse vents, optimising growing conditions. 


Greenhouse Automation Components

We take pride in our we take pride in our cutting-edge greenhouse automation components. These essential elements are meticulously designed to optimise resource usage, minimise waste, and enhance overall productivity.

Our Suppliers

Precision farming starts with smart automation