Agricultural automation solutions

Our sustainable, data-driven smart farming solutions increase crop yield while saving energy, water and costs through the utilisation of our poly-greenhouse climate control, irrigation and fertiliser systems.

Why AgriLogiq?

AgriLogiq is an agricultural automation service provider that equips growers and tunnel builders with comprehensive, user friendly cutting-edge proprietary poly-greenhouse automation software and hardware components.

Our ecosystem of products, that has been meticulously developed in South Africa to meet the stringent demands of a harsh and challenging environment, provides clear advantages to users across the globe.

Our modular solution is assembled with easy add-ons and simple-to-use remote access. Our expert team is always ready to provide hands-on customer support.

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AgriLogiq’s easy-to-use turn-key solution enables modern farming through simplified software and effective hardware

Customer Solutions

Our team of poly tunnel automation specialists possess extensive expertise in climate control, irrigation management, fertigation systems, and the automation of various vegetable tunnels (or controlled environment tunnels). This includes specialised knowledge in greenhouse cultivation for berries, peppers, cucumbers, and “other” high-value crops. Additionally, we offer extensive greenhouse automation solutions tailored for medicinal cultivations and cannabis crops. Our team has successfully supported customers in implementing custom projects such as mushroom cultivation and drying kilns. 

Propagation Solution in the Western Cape, South Africa ​

The client’s existing structure was outdated, had poor energy inputs, and lacked the technology to utilise the greenhouse effectively. Moreover, the existing controls were unable to manage multiple variables or account for condition setting.

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Green Peppers in Mpumalanga, South Africa

The farm faced a 35% crop loss year on year due to weather incidents, stemming from the fact that the peppers were planted under a fixed shade net structure that slowed evaporation during prolonged rains.

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Fertigation for a Small Cannabis Factory​

The client was a small but growing cannabis facility with tight budget constraints. Consequently, they required a fertilizer solution to help meet the heavy demands of cannabis while transitioning from premixed fixed batches of fertilizer to a concentration injection method.

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